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Comfort Bear | Climate Control’s Friendly Mascot

Hello everyone! Welcome to my website! I’m Comfort Bear and I’m passionate about helping you learn tips for conserving energy and saving our environment.

Being the world’s largest bear comes with many responsibilities. Some of my fellow polar bears have taken unique approaches to helping parents and kids learn (or just have a little fun!) My polar bear friend in Sochi is getting ready to represent his country in the 2014 Olympics! I have other friends who’ve gone the Hollywood route and appeared on Coke cans and Klondike bars. And one of my best friends, Nikita, recently moved to Kansas City and helps educate boys and girls (and their parents) about all of the fascinating things that polar bears can do at the Kansas City Zoo. But for me, I make my home in Liberty, MO and love supporting our Kansas City community through educational tips on staying comfortable and going green.

Want to meet me? Call (816) 479-2797 to get on the Comfort Bear calendar!

Learn more about Comfort Bear

I keep a blog where I talk about all kinds of ways to save the environment, and all of the neat places I’ve traveled around Kansas City. I’m also always looking for new places to discover and take pictures! I’m not bashful and love the stage! Take a look at some photos of fun people I’ve met and places around Kansas City I’ve been!

Going Green

Kansas City is my home and I love helping boys and girls (and their parents) learn about how to save our environment. We have to teach the next generation about how to conserve our resources! Making sure we are energy efficient helps bears (like me) that live in the wild and depend on clean air and natural resources to survive. Conservation through recycling and going green also will make a cleaner, greener world for our children’s (or cub’s) futures.

Kansas City Community Involvement

I love Kansas City. Although most of my family still lives in the artic, swims in the ocean and hunts seals, I love living in the Midwest and helping Liberty, MO families! Just check out some of the fun ways I’ve gotten involved in our community and some causes that are very near and dear to my heart.


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